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Catie Morales

For Catie & Steve, Success Is All About Taking
Challenges Head On and Finding Solutions.

There are certain people in life who always find ways to make things happen. For these resourceful and determined individuals, an obstacle or hurdle is merely a dare to find the right solution and turn that situation into an opportunity. Those who know local business professionals Catie & Steve Morales, and their appreciative clients who have seen these savvy professionals in action, will attest to their ability to find answers and solutions to even the biggest challenges.



Natives of the area, Catie & Steve are raising Stephanie and Austin in the same Fairfax neighborhood where she grew up.

Where There’s a Will

Catie grew up in a large and loving extended Italian family, and from a very young age she was taught that she could accomplish anything if she put her mind to it. “My parents were always very supportive and fully believed in my abilities,” she says. After completing a double major bachelor of arts in communications and American studies (a considerable accomplishment in itself), she earned a master’s of science in business and embarked upon a long and successful career in marketing and strategic planning.

The Business of Solutions

In her corporate career Catie embraced technology early on, developing new ways to make a variety of marketing and business models more efficient. She worked her way up from an account executive to senior director of marketing and then Vice President of Creative Management Services®, responsible for assisting financial institutions in the U.S. with the development of new solutions to identity theft and credit management, while overseeing a budget of $15 million.

Solutions at Home

When this dynamic businesswoman isn’t finding solutions to her clients’ investment goals, she enjoys focusing her resourcefulness on home improvement projects—not the “routine fix-its,” but major projects such as redesigning and remodeling her kitchen and bathrooms. “I know it’s an odd hobby,” Catie explains, “but I love being a do-it-yourselfer.”

Catie is a consummate professional who loves tackling your real estate needs.

The Science of Solutions

Where Catie really rises to the challenge on a daily basis and works to find optimum solutions is in her successful career as one of Fairfax County’s premier real estate professionals. “I know my clients are trusting me with one of their most important investments,” she explains. “I take that responsibility very seriously, and I don’t rest until I’ve helped them find the best solution for their unique situation.” Whether they’re buying or selling their homes, Catie’s clients—themselves busy professionals in highly demanding occupations—know they can rely on her to give them the information they need to make sound decisions. Her extensive corporate experience in strategic planning and problem solving makes Catie uniquely qualified to help her clients achieve their goals and maximize the return on their investments.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect home or want to sell your present home for the highest return, Catie Morales is the real estate professional for you. With her solid professional background, keen business insights and enthusiastic energy, Catie is the perfect ally in the real estate process. When it comes to the challenge of making a move, you can count on Catie Morales to rise to that challenge and help you make the most of it. Catie is a true expert in Providing Real Solutions. Call her today for all your real estate needs.